• 30 minutes prior to each Mass

Extreme Unction

  • Contact the parish as needed: 253-472-2489
  • Sacramental emergencies, please call: 253-234-5714

For Registered Parishioners



Within the first month of birth. Please contact the parish office.


First Holy Communion




Holy Matrimony

Please contact the parish office six months prior to the proposed date to arrange consultation with a priest. At least one party must be a registered and attending parishioner.



Please contact the parish office to make arrangements.


Contact information for the parish office

Sandra Whelan, Parish Secretary: 253-472-2489




"Calvary is like a reservoir of divine life or grace. From it, there flow seven different kinds of sanctification for man in different stages of his spiritual existence. Each of these seven channels is a sacrament by which the power of the Risen Christ is bestowed on souls by a spiritual and effective contact."

~ Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen ~