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Fourth Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, June 25

In the Epistle, the Apostle describes the tribulations which overwhelm us, and shows us Heaven, their glorious result.

But to reach heaven we must place our confidence in the Lord who alone is our refuge, our salvation and our defender (Introit, Gradual, Alleluia, Communion), and in order that our enemies may not prevail against us (Offertory) let us ask of God “that the world may walk in peace” (Collect).

The visible protection of Providence which extends to the least events is shown to us in the Gospel. The Church is represented by the bark of Peter. It is his that Jesus chose to preach from, it is Simon He commands to put off from the shore, and it is he who, at his Master’s bidding, casts his nets which are filled to breaking point. It is Peter again who, struck with astonishment and fright, adores his Master. He will be henceforth with his companions as fisher of men.

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